Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 Somehow I forgot to post about Halloween this past year. This is my journal and I print my blog into a book, so I don't want to leave anything out. A couple weeks before Halloween we took the girls to Brynlee's school carnival. It was a great turnout and they earned a lot of money towards a cover for the new playground at the school. The girls enjoyed the swings and pretty much everything else. They loved getting their faces painted and riding the bumper boats. It was a fun, beautiful day! :) 

 We celebrated Halloween night with our best buddies the Websters. They fed us dinner, and the husbands took the older kids out trick or treating. I felt kinda bad missing out of the door to door knocking, but enjoyed hanging out with my girl Jamie. Sure wish they still lived next door. :( Sophie was our little strawberry. She kept this hat on a lot better than I expected. 

Getting everyone to look was pretty much impossible. :)
Aislee, Halle, Sophie, Lewis, Brynlee and Easton