Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We had a great Christmas holiday this year. We love going to Idaho and spending time with family. The kids love being with their cousins. Due to the fact that our family was traveling to Idaho, Santa made an extra stop at our house a week early so we didn't have to travel with our stuff. Luckily our Elf Klive brought this letter with him and the delivery. ;) The girls thought they were pretty special to have Santa come twice. 

We of course had to do a bowling night which has become tradition. The kids love it and we are always loud and crazy. This is Brynlee and Remi doing a little cheer. 
Papa and Mimi purchased Just Dance for kids and they loved it. It was so fun watching them try to follow along. We had a lot of dance parties. :)
 On Christmas Eve we had a little Mexican dinner and even let the kids hit a pinata. I'm not sure when Christmas Eve became Mexican themed, but the kids had a lot of fun. 
 This picture of Halle cracks me up. Every so often she struggles with a genuine smile in a picture. This caught that awkward face pretty well. :) 

 If front of Mimi's beautiful Christmas tree and lots of presents. 
 Cookies for Santa and a big yummie garden carrot for the reindeer. 
 My very talented, crafty sister in law Kate went all out for her kids this Christmas. She made these darling costumes for her kids, and I wish I would have taken a picture of the tee-pee she made. It was life size and amazing. Little Halle and Hayden are kind two peas in a pod. They are both super skinny and don't enjoy eating their dinner.They got along most of the time and definitely kept us all laughing.  
 We took the girls skiing again this year and it was so much fun. Halle and Brynlee both had a two hour private lesson. Brynlee was a little hesitant at first but thankfully she had the same fantastic instructor that she had last year. She was instantly comfortable and they had a great time. Halle didn't have as great of a teacher, but she still enjoyed herself and did really well. She was tough and had a blast. Later in the week we took them to Targee and it was so much fun. Brynlee, Crew and Remi went non stop. I stayed with Hal on the bunny hill and she did so good. She was going back and forth and making great turns. I took her up the chairlift a couple times. I don't remember being nervous with Brynlee on the chairlift, but I definitely was with Halle. Luckily they have the bars that come down, but she was totally leaning forward and it was freaking me out. After we put the bar up, there was one time she went to lean forward. Oh this girl....always keeping me on my toes. All I can say is that my knees were killing me after all of the "pizza", but it was all worth it! 


thepainterfamily said...

oh you have such a beautiful family!

loving the update, and loving those little gals on skis! wow!