Sunday, November 6, 2011


(Don't you love those thighs!) 
Dave took the girls swimming a couple weeks ago. I drove up to Salt Lake for a benefit concert for my best friends baby. I hadn't driven further than 20min by myself in a long time so it was actually kinda fun. I was singing and having a fine old time by myself. It was fun seeing my friends and my parents just for a night. was still beautiful at home, and Dave took the girls to the pool. Sophie loves water....and so does her older sisters. 
 Also while I was gone...Dave remembered something from his childhood and taught the girls. It is called finger weaving. I'm pretty sure I knew how to do it when I was her age too...I'm just glad Dave remembered it. Brynlee was loving it, and it kept her busy for quite a while. 
 Brynlee had red ribbon week last week and Wed was crazy hair day. I had to fly to Idaho for 24hrs so I wasn't here (explanation coming later). My very fabulous friend Jamie took time out of her morning to come over and do Brynlee's crazy hair. She did a FABULOUS job and Brynlee loved it! I am sooo blessed with great friends like Jamie!


Just Us said...

Sophie is getting so big. She looks just like her sisters. So beautiful. We need to meet up sometime soon. The Rideout's miss the Nasal's.