Thursday, September 22, 2011



Halle turned 4 on Sept. 9th and she sure is a fun 4 year old. She is really easy to please and plays with just about anything. She LOVES barbies right now and her favorite princess is Ariel. She is pretty dang girly but thanks to her good buddy Eastie...she fits right in with the boys too. She can tell you every character from Star Wars, Transformers and Power Rangers. It is hilarious to listen to a conversation between Halle and East. Most of the time when they are playing Halle has her barbie and East has one of his men. They always seem to come up with a play scenario that works for both. Right now Halle likes to have her hair down but doesn't have much of an opinion when it comes to her clothes and shoes. She is still happy to let me dress her which is so nice for me! 
Halle also really likes to sing. The other day we were in the car and she seriously knew the words to 3 songs in a row on the radio. I was cracking up because I didn't know how she knew a couple of them. She seems to pick up on the words pretty quickly. Halle loves to practice cartwheels and handstands and it getting pretty dang good. She is also getting close to being able to do a back bend from standing. This is also a skill that Brynlee is working on right now. She can sit flat in her right splits and likes to stretch with Brynlee at night. It is fun to see them working on these things together. 
Dave was unfortunately out of town because he was doing LOTOJA, but luckily my parents were on their way back from a Lake Powell trip and stopped to spend a few hours with us. We went to dinner and Mimi took the girls shopping for a little bit. It was fun to have family here on her special day! 

These last 2 pictures were snapshots from a video on her birthday. The one thing Halle asked for was the Ariel Barbie wearing the dress....not as a mermaid. So me being the procrastinator that I tend to be, went to Target the day before to buy the Barbie. She had seen it there and was asking for it for a few weeks. So I got there and the Ariel Barbie was no where to be found....EXCEPT in the box that included ALL of the Disney Princess barbies. Of course....   I sat there stewing for quite a while and knew that she would LOVE having all of the princesses but just wasn't planning on buying that much for her. After thinking, and remembering that Brynlee was able to have a party I thought it was probably fair for Hal to have a big gift. Anyway....I got the barbies and this was her waiting for her surprise.She was so excited and couldn't get the box open fast enough! :) 

Halle also just started preschool again and these are on her first day of school. She wanted to do these poses.  We are in a carpool with 4 other kids and I only have to drive maybe once a week.  So nice!! She loves going to school and learning new things. 


Our Family said...

She is so cute! She reminds me of my Elizabeth. Maybe it is a second child thing... Glad she had a good birthday!

Kandis said...

she is ADORABLE!!! I love her 'first day of school' outfit!

thepainterfamily said...

happiest birthday!

I love the story about the princess's just one of those things that always seems to happen to me too! haha. I can only imagine how much she LOVED it. cute. cute. cute.

5-against-1 said...

She is so dang cute!!! Your girls are growing up! It seems so much faster when you don't see them everyday!

Adam and Brittany said...

What a doll, she is so cute! Her hair is getting so long. I can't believe how much she looks like you!

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Just Us said...

Tiff, she is your mini me. I see so much of you in her. What a cutie. Happy (late) Birthday Halle!